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General rental conditions

1. Information and bookings.

You can either make your booking via telephone, email or directly on our site.
Once we have confirmed that the property is available on your chosen dates, if you wish to make the booking we will need name, Id or Passport number, phone number and email of the person responsible of the booking.
Once the availability is confirmed and to guarantee your booking we require a 100€ deposit to be made via bank transfer in no more than 48 hours or using paypal through our site.
When the deposit has been received you will receive a letter of confirmation and a contract.
The total rental can be paid either via bank transfer, paypal or cash on arrival. The keys will not be released if the total price has not been satisfied upon arrival. The deposit will remain with Malaga Holidays Rental until departure and will be returned if the property has not suffered any major damages. In case the cost of the damages is higher than the deposit the tenant will be responsible to pay the difference.

2. Prices.

The prices are in Euros VAT included. The price is inclusive of bed linen, towels, pool towels, gas, water and electricity to ensure the guests have a pleasant stay.
The price agreed between the parties is exclusively for the number of persons reflected on the booking. If said number is increased we kindly request to inform the property as the price could be increased.

3. Return and cancellation policies.

If for any reason you decide or must cancel your booking, the following cancellation costs will apply:
 Should you cancel over 30 days of arrival, only the deposit of 10 % will be forfeited.
 The 50% of the deposit will be forfeited in the case where cancellation of the reservation is made between 30 or 10 days before the stated date of arrival.
 The full amount of the deposit will be forfeited in the case where cancellation of the reservation is made less than 10 days before the stated date of arrival.

If you wish to modify the dates of your stay for reasonable cause the dates will be changed if the property is available on said dates if it is not possible to accommodate you the cancellation fees will be applied.

4. Interruption of your stay.

No refund is applicable if you decide voluntarily to interrupt your stay.

5. Arrival and departure.

Las estancias mínimas son de 2 noches a excepción de los meses de Julio y Agosto, donde las estancias deberán ser de semanas completas (7 noches).

5.1 Arrivals

Arrival time is from 14.00 hours if the property is available earlier the parties can agree an earlier
In case of late arrival due to flight Schedule the release of the key will be done at the airport. Such case does not apply to the apartment.

If your flight is unexpectedly late or change its schedule we kindly request to inform the property at your earliest convenience.

5.2 Departure

Departure time is at 11.00 hours but if no further guests are expected the parties can agree another departure time.

The deposit will be released on departure and after the inspection of the property if everything is in order. The deposit can also be released via bank transfer if the parties agree. Bookings made through a webpage will receive the deposit back directly from the webpage.

General rental conditions

The guests will receive the property neat and orderly and should take care of it during their stay.

When possible the property will be inspected in the presence of the guests.

  • Lodging capacity

The villa “La Chácara, Fuente de los Peces” can accommodate a maximum of 6 people and the “Apartment in Torremolinos” 4. Infants are not included. The total amount of guests cannot be higher in neither of the properties under any circumstance as the law does not permit it. Guests will incur into penalty if more people than permitted stay on the premises. Besides the properties will be equipped according to the number of guests that appear on the booking.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the property

The guest has the obligation to leave the property reasonably clean. The owners will have the right to charge up to 40€ to make an additional cleaning after departure. The trash must be deposit in the designated containers located at the entrance of the village in case of the apartment there are containers around the block.

Pets are welcome in “La Chacara, Fuente de los Peces” but they must come with their own beds and dishes. They are not allowed in beds, sofas or the pool. They can never be alone inside the house. The pets’ owners will be held responsible for the damages caused by their pets.

In the “Apartment in Torremolinos” pets are not permitted under any circumstance.

Both properties are cleaned and tidy up thoroughly between guests, during their stay guests are responsible for the cleaning (only the house will have a pool cleaning if the stay is over a week), Additional cleaning service can be made upon request and for a fee.

General rules during your stay

Please respect the rest of the neighbours, the nature and the property. Do not smoke inside the property and in the case of the house please do not throw fag ends to the land. If there are any evidence of vandalism or uncivil and irresponsible behaviour the contract will be immediately terminated and the guests will have to leave the property. Please be responsible while using electricity or water and make sure that doors and windows are properly shut every time you go out. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel stays that do not comply with our general rules. We are not responsible of your personal belongings during your stay.

We enjoy the fact that every guests find our properties accommodating while they are staying with us and will always remain at your disposal.